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The netYCE framework is 1 code base for anyone. It contains all the tools and features that we ever developed for any of our customers over the last 17 years. 

This download will give you access to:

- the latest release of the full netYCE framework
- netYCE_Go license with a key for unlimited network nodes + 10 Pro nodes
- future updates and upgrades (via wiki)
- courses 1, 2 and 3, accessible via your personal membership area. 
- You can also read more about the courses at

You get this all for FREE. NO strings attached! 

The FREE netYCE_Go license also offers the full netYCE_Pro functionality for 10 Pro nodes. Check here for a feature comparison between the Go and Pro edition. 

Just answer the 3 questions below. Once completed you will get an email with a download link, license key and access to your personal membership area for the training course.

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Configuration Management
Command job automation
Netwerk & Service Orchestration
API's driven automation
Compliance automation
Network Inventory
OS upgrades
Anything to get rid of manual work ;-)
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